The elucidation of the human genome has created a unique opportunity to utilize nutrients and bioactive food components to improve the quality of life of people through the use of diet in the prevention and intervention of human disease.  Nutrigenomics is the identification and understanding of the interaction between nutrients and bioactive food components with the genome.  An understanding of how compounds interact with the genome will lead to guided food choices for the greater public to prevent disease, the ability to create diets specifically designed for individuals or groups of individuals with a genetically identified dietary need or restriction, and diets that can be designed to treat disease.

Nutrigenomics is comprised of many new and high technology disciplines and there is a great demand for collaboration, training and education is this growing field.  These disciplines are not offered as a collected comprehensive set of courses in nutrigenomics in most major universities.  Many universities can offer some components in the form of coursework or participation in research programs.  However, this course uses Colleges and Centers of Excellence specializing in the individual components of nutrigenomics to create formal University courses. The courses will incorporate the new biotechnologies and implement education in this area by delivering formal online courses.  Other courses can be seen at